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Audio Book and More

Audio, Can Coolers and More

In case you didn’t know (and I think there’s quite a few of you who don’t), 15 Miles from Home is live on Audible! For my audio loving friends, if you haven’t grabbed it yet, get it now!

15 Miles From Home – Audio

We had a great push to get to 1,000 likes on the Facebook page. The new goal is to get to 1,500 and you can help. There are a lot more people on this list than likes on the page, so please help an old gal out and like the author page. You can get there from this link: P.A. Glaspy’s Facebook Page When I get to 1,500 likes, I’ll do some giveaways for signed books, ebooks, and these can coolers. It’s summer – everybody can use a koozie to keep their beverages cold, right?

As usual, I end by asking/begging for reviews. All the book links are below. If you haven’t left a review on any of them, please take a minute to do that. Reviews really help with sales and give indie authors some juice to compete with the big boys and girls.

Powerless World Series
Before the Power was Gone
When the Power is Gone
When the Peace is Gone
When the Pain is Gone

Perilous Miles Series
300 Miles
15 Miles from Home
Another 20 Miles

Feel free to share this email with anyone you think might want a good book to read this summer. Thank you for your support. Stay cool, gang!

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Another 20 Miles is Live

Happy Father’s Day, Dads!
Another 20 Miles is Live!

That’s right – two deadlines in a row met! Booyah! Go me!

The next book in the Perilous Miles series is live! Get yours here: Another 20 Miles

Before you ask, the paperback is in the review stage, and I have no idea when the audio will be ready. 🙂

To celebrate, I’m running book 1, 300 Miles, free for five days in ebook. If you don’t have it already, here’s your chance to get it free. If you do have it, and loved it, share the love with your friends. It’s free from 6/16 through 6/20.

Because I’m so excited for everyone to read this series, I am discounting the ebook version of book 2, 15 Miles from Home, as well. From Sunday, 6/17 through Wednesday, 6/20, you can get it for $1.99. That’s 33% off the regular price! Also, the audio for this one should be live any day now.

I want to wish all the dads on my list a Happy Father’s Day, as well as my own. I love you, Dad!

All the book links are below. Feel free to share this email with anyone you think might want a good book to read. If you haven’t left a review on any of them, please take a minute to do that. Reviews really help with sales.

Powerless World Series
Before the Power was Gone
When the Power is Gone
When the Peace is Gone
When the Pain is Gone

Perilous Miles Series
300 Miles
15 Miles from Home
Another 20 Miles

Thank you for your support! You guys rock!

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15 Miles From Home is Live

15 Miles From Home is Live!

I beat my deadline – YAY! Book 2 in the Perilous Miles series is done. You can download your copy here: 15 Miles From Home

The ART members raved about it so I hope you all enjoy it. Please, please, please leave a review when you finish it. If you’re on the Advanced Reader Team, please leave a review now. Paperback will be up in the next few days, audio is started. Let me know what you think of it!

Five Day Freebie!

To celebrate the launch of 15 Miles From Home, I am running a promo on Book 1, 300 Miles. It will be free March 10th through March 14th. If you read it through KU, this is your chance to get a copy for free to keep. You can get it here: 300 Miles

I’m looking at 60 to 90 days for Book 3, Another 20 Miles, to be completed. I’m also hoping to be able to start on my part of the three author trilogy I’m part of in the next few weeks. Devon C Ford wrote the first one and it’s really good. You can get it here: The Fall

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and excitement over this series. I think it’s going to be even better than the first series, which you can still purchase or leave a review on. See what I did there? 🙂 Those links are below.

Before the Power was Gone
When the Power is Gone
When the Peace is Gone
When the Pain is Gone

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When the Pain is Gone now available on Audio!


I didn’t think we’d ever get this one done! But, we did, and it’s live. Click the image to go straight to the product page on Amazon. Or you can use this link: When the Pain is Gone – Audio

The audio for 300 Miles is done as well. We’re just waiting for it to be released. I’ll send another email when that one is ready for you.

I’m about 3/4 of the way done with 15 Miles from Home, the next book in the Perilous Miles series. I’m hoping we can finish it up in the next 30 to 45 days. Stay tuned!

As always, thank you all so much for your support. Enjoy!

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New Year, New Series

New Year, New Series!

The wait is over! 300 Miles, Book 1 in my new Perilous Miles series, is live on Amazon. The print version should be up in the next few days. What’s it about? Here’s the back cover blurb:

A nuclear warhead detonated at 300 miles above the center of the United States would effectively take out the entire electrical grid and infrastructure of the forty-eight contiguous states. Most people don’t think this is a possibility. But what if it is? What if a country like North Korea actually has the capability to do this but have led us to believe they don’t? What if they had acquired stealth technology that would let them launch a missile that we didn’t know about until it was too late to stop it?

Carly Marshall is a twenty-first-century single mom. She works hard and lives modern. Take-out food, the latest technology, and all the modern conveniences of the time make up her life. She doesn’t have to worry about feeding her family. She doesn’t think twice about water coming out of the faucets. She’s on the path to advancement at her firm. Life can’t get much better. But what if it could get worse?

You know what the best news is? This new book is only $.99!

Intrigued? Go get your copy now! 300 Miles, Perilous Miles Book 1

By the way, if you are on my Advanced Reader Team, please take a moment and give it a review. Thank you!

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I’m Still Here

Sorry to be so long updating this. I am waiting for the re-launch of the books by the publisher, which should be any time now. I will update again when they go live.

Anne’s Farmacy

Anne’s Farmacy


Many of you have commented on the valuable information of the medicinal herbs in Book 2. I’ve compiled a list of those and a few others. This is by no means all-inclusive in either the relevant plants or their properties. I strongly encourage you to do an internet search for “medicinal herbs”, or go to Amazon and search “medicinal herbs free” for some free or cheap ebooks. Knowledge is power, and this knowledge could be worth its weight in gold if the SHTF. Got an empty window sill that gets good sun year around? You can plant your own farmacy!

Aloe Vera: scar removal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, repair damaged skin and promote the growth of healthy skin
Arrowroot: antiseptic, digestion, irregularity
Basil: low blood sugar, lack of appetite, antioxidant
Bay Laurel: dandruff, arthritis pain, inflammation
Burdock: skin diseases, antibacterial, antifungal, inflammation, mild laxative
Catnip: not just for cats! Relaxation, diuretic, laxative
Chamomile: calming sleep aid, tooth and earaches in a poultice, muscle relaxation, anxiety and tension, indigestion and colic, skin irritations
Chervil: relieves soreness and swelling
Chives: reduces inflammation, repels insects, beta carotene and Vitamin C
Cilantro/Coriander: antioxidants, stomach upset, cholesterol
Cloves: kills harmful bacteria, fights inflammation, relieves stomach and tooth issues
Comfrey: bruises, sprains, skin ulcers, wounds, broken bones, menstrual, diarrhea, cough, sore throat
Dill: assists in digestion, combats bad breath, lessens swelling, boils, and cramps
Echinacea: improved immune system, treats symptoms of cold and flu
Fennel: breath freshener, pesticide, upset stomach
Feverfew: used in the treatment of fevers, colds, ease pain of arthritis, skin conditions
Jasmine: antioxidants, fever, urinary inflammation, stress, heat stroke, sedative, antiseptic, antidepressant, antispasmodic, analgesic
Lamb’s Ear: bandage, absorbent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, menstrual flow
Lavender: relaxation, promotes healthy sleep patterns, helps with headaches, including migraines, antiseptic
Lemon Balm: bug repellent, treat colds, fever, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, wounds, bites, upset stomach, helps heal cold sores
Marigold: sunburn, acne, soothes ulcers and digestive problems
Parsley: Vitamins A and C, helps stabilize blood pressure, breath freshener
Peppermint/Spearmint: digestion, fever, headache. Can be brewed into a tea. Peppermint has Vitamin B, calcium, and potassium
Pot Marigold (Calendula): insect bites, sprains, fever, infections
Rosemary: antioxidants, breath freshener
Sage: internally, stomach and nerve issues; externally, skin infections, mouth infections, bug bites, cuts, inflammation
Thyme: disinfectant, antiseptic, digestive aid, infections, coughs, congestion
Wheatgrass: improved blood flow, antioxidants, over 100 nutrients

Prepping for Pennies…OK, Dollars

psst crackersPrepping for Pennies…OK, Dollars

I hear people say it all the time: “I can’t afford to buy anything extra for prepping. I’m on a budget. I just don’t have the money right now.” While I can understand this to a point, my response would be: “How can you afford NOT to?”

The people on the East Coast have been devastated by Hurricane Matthew. Some people will go days, even weeks without power. The grocery stores are empty. The roads are impassable in some places. Does any of this sound familiar, you know, like you read it in a book of fiction? Prepping isn’t just about TEOTWAWKI. It’s about being ready for any event that could disrupt your day-to-day life. So, what can you do if you don’t have the money to invest in a year’s supply of food for a family of four in one fell swoop? The answer – buy cheap. Here’s a few suggestions.

The Dollar Store
The dollar store is a gold mine of items you can prep cheap. Emergency candles, matches, zip bags, garbage bags, bleach, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, socks, aluminum foil, even some canned and dried food – the list is endless of the SHTF appropriate items you can find for a dollar each. Spend five dollars a week there, which is less than the price of lunch out, and you’ll start to build a nice stash of items you could use in an emergency situation.

The Grocery Store
Every trip to the store finds me in the Manager’s Specials. Truthfully, I make a beeline for that section. I have gotten so many useful items from those shelves. The suggested sell by date is getting close, so the store throws the items into a clearance bin. There’s nothing wrong with them, and many are shelf stable for years. I once found a 20-pound bag of rice for five dollars. If you have the means to can meat, I have found it as cheap as fifty cents a pound. Large packs of Jello for 49 cents. Wait, I can hear you saying it: if my power is out, I can’t make Jello. No, but you can drink it. Jello only needs water. A large pack has over 150 grams of carbs in it. You know what carbs are, right? Energy. Don’t discount store or generic brands either. A one-pound box of saltines for less than a dollar is a really good deal, and we like them better than the brand name. A can of tuna and a pack of Ramen noodles makes a great high protein, high carb meal, for about a buck fifty. A case of bottled water will carry you almost a week in an emergency situation, and you can get them about three dollars. If you buy one or two extra items a week, or set a goal of spending an extra five dollars a week at the grocery store, it will add up faster than you think.

I know it’s hard to change your buying and spending habits. Been there, done that. However, if your budget includes you eating lunch out every day, or buying an expensive coffee once a week, it’s so much better for your family and yourself to take your lunch at least two days a week, and stay out of that drive-thru lane. Chances are something you’d bring from home would be a whole lot healthier for you anyway.

Little changes can make a big difference in your ability to prepare for the unforeseen catastrophe. I can tell you from experience, it feels really good to not be one of those people who rushes to the store to buy stuff when a snowstorm is forecast anymore. Here’s hoping you can find a way to not be one, too.

When the Peace is Gone is here!!

        The wait is over! When the Peace is Gone, A Powerless World Book 2 is live!         Get yours now!

When the Peace is Gone

Where Will You Be When SHTF?

186115b161814f9c84c2932635b0446bef5a703957d276de07b9a5a444df2d17-Oy9bgDWhere Will You Be When SHTF?

We took a week’s vacation on the Florida Gulf coast. It was absolutely wonderful…and exhausting. This is our third trip there in the past 15 years, and this one was really taxing for us. Getting old ain’t for sissies, folks. What should be a 7 ½ to 8-hour trip turns into 9 to 10 hours for folks who have to pee a lot. That pretty much means you set aside a day to get there and a day to get back, and at least half a day to recoup for said travel days. Whew, I’m still trying to catch up on my rest.

This trip did make us think hard about what would happen if SHTF while we were away. We carry GHBs, along with side arms, ammo, extra cash, silver rounds, as well as clothes and food for our trip. If it was anything but an EMP, we’d have a chance to get home. Granted, it would probably take a lot longer than 9 or 10 hours – and even then, we aren’t assured to make it. There was a “gas shortage” in Tennessee while we were gone. I used quotes because I’m not entirely convinced there was one, but just the hint of one and everyone goes crazy and rushes out to fill up every vehicle and gas can they have, which in turn actually results in a gas shortage. Fortunately, we had filled up the day before we left, which was also the day before the news reported the issue. If that had been country-wide, we might have had a hard time finding enough gas to get us home, no matter how much money we had with us.

In the case of an EMP, we’d never get home. We know that. We’re just too old and soft to be able to walk hundreds of miles, and we’d never be able to carry enough food and water to make it. As a prepper, you look at your preps and feel like you could sustain your family for a specific amount of time with what you have stored, but what if you were hundreds of miles away from home when an event happened? Even if you could get back home, what are the chances your preps would still be there, and not taken by scavengers or confiscated by an overreaching government “for the greater good”?

So, what’s the answer? Never leave home? Never go on vacation? Is that any way to live your life? What if nothing happens – nothing that we’ve prepped for anyway – and you die with a house full of preps, but you didn’t experience anything life has to offer? Those are tough questions, and we all need to decide for ourselves how much life we are willing to live outside of preparing for whatever said life might throw at us.

As I unpack from the trip, and shake more sand out of another pair of shoes, I’m good with this choice. We needed to get away. I’m also very glad to be back in my cocoon with all my preps in the next room.

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