Another 20 Miles Audiobook

Audio lovers – it’s here!

The wait is over! Another 20 Miles is live on Audible and a month before I thought it would be. Get your copy here:

Another 20 Miles Audio

Not much other news for you guys and gals. I’m working on Book 4 (as yet untitled – don’t worry, it will come to me). I’m hoping to have it done before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

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P.A. Glaspy, Author

That’s it, gang, short and sweet again. Links to all the books are below and if you haven’t left a review please take a moment to send me some stars. Have a great week!

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When the Peace is Gone
When the Pain is Gone

Perilous Miles Series
300 Miles
15 Miles from Home
Another 20 Miles

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