The Price We’ll Pay for Comfort

Yesterday our air conditioning unit quit working. Literally, hubby touched a wire outside and everything went down. No power to the unit, no lights on the controller, nothing. In light of the way things are nowadays, when something like this happens, you immediately check to make sure the power is still on to the rest of the house. While an EMP is highly unlikely (at least, I hope it is), it isn’t impossible.

Thankfully, it was just the A/C unit. Of course, things like this always happen on the weekend, or at night, when service call prices can double or triple, so we toughed it out in 90-degree Tennessee summer weather. We decided to deal with the heat until this morning. We are fortunate enough to have a portable A/C unit that we moved downstairs and hooked up which made the evening bearable until we could get the service company called this morning. Shout out to Temp Control in Nashville for a quick fix – we are basking in our 72-degree home as I write this post.
It did make us think about what life would be like if there was no power. Our society is so accustomed to the luxury of heat and air conditioning that we take them for granted until they’re gone. How did people deal with the heat before air conditioning, or even fans? I guess they were just used to it. Most people, including me, are not. I don’t know how my overweight, 50-something-year-old body would deal with it if I didn’t have them. Probably not very well. I do know that today I am extremely thankful for the guys who got us going again. A little less than $300 was the price I paid for my comfort. I probably would have paid twice that.

I truly hope we never have to find out what it’s like to live without the luxuries electricity provide us. As Anne said in Book 1: it would really suck.