When cash is trash

When Cash is Trash

I know, I know – everyone thinks preppers are crazy people. We have food and water, medical supplies and toiletries, and toilet paper (HAHAHAHAHA! – wait, that’s not funny) piled up in every available spot in our home, that will hopefully get us through any kind of meltdown. And it’s possible – not probable, but possible – that nothing will happen in our lifetime that would necessitate the need for these things. My current books are based are an EMP event. This is my least favorite scenario, because to lose all our electronics in one moment would be devastating. But honestly, isn’t economic collapse a more realistic scenario for us to have to face in our lifetime?

Our government is spending money we don’t have daily. This country is so far in debt, that if they stopped spending right now (which will never happen), our grandchildren would still be trying to pay off the debt. How do they do that? How do they spend money we don’t have? They borrow it from other countries. If I spend money I don’t have, and I have overdraft protection, I can write the check and I get charged for it. So does our country. The interest alone on the debt this country owes makes it impossible to ever pay anything on the principal.

For now, we go along like everything is great. We keep borrowing, they keep lending. But what if they stop lending? What happens to us? Inflation is what happens. Inflation of never before seen proportions. Interest rates sky rocket. Small business can’t pay their loans, so they default, and close their doors in bankruptcy. Medium sized businesses are next. While this is going on, goods slowly stop being delivered to stores. Goods includes food. The store shelves don’t get restocked, because they can’t get deliveries, because the produce guy went out of business, or the trucking company that made the deliveries. You can have $10,000 in the bank, but it means nothing if you can’t buy anything with it, because there is nothing to buy. Don’t think this can happen? Check out Venezuela.

Barter now becomes the way you get food. If you decide to part with any of your supplies, trade for silver, gold, diamonds, or guns and ammo. Those things never lose their value.

This is why we prep. When cash is worthless, preps are priceless.